Monday, August 31, 2009

Long Time No Blog

Ok, so I got all jazzed about having a blog and then let it die....oh well. Here's what I'm thinking right now.

As most of you know I'm the worship leader at a new church in Leland which runs right now about 110 people, and while numbers make no difference to me the numbers for this story are important. Last night I went to visit PC3 (around 6,000 people) which is our local mega-church. I have absolutely no problem with mega-churches if they become that way due to great teaching and great worship, and they did. What did come to mind though was, as a church grows larger (and all should have that goal, b/c more people should mean more salvation's you have seen) how do you balance between deep worship and a show? Let's be honest for a moment about money. God commands us to tithe to our local church, so more people equals more money. More people also increases the chances that you will have huge talent. With big money and big talent comes "perfect" performances. How then do you be a good steward of the blessings God gives your church and still have a small, deep, worship feel to it? Please don't misunderstand, PC3 honestly surprised me with the amount of real worship I saw, but they were also very very polished and the "choreography" of the service spot on. I don't know if this is making since, but it's a nagging I have now at the prospect of Crosswinds growing. I want to keep the "feel" that we have now, while also using what God gives. I guess many bands go through this and that is why they do tours where they only play small venues like the ones they started in, they miss the "feel" of small clubs. I pray I'll grow with the program as the church grows and as God grows me, but if I were to be thrown into a situation like PC3, well I wouldn't last very this point. Having said that, I cannot wait to be used by God in our quickly growing church!!!