Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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So today the California courts upheld the vote from November that marriage is between one man and one woman. Overlooking the fact that that is Biblical, it is what the people wanted (twice). The first time they voted a court of only 5 overturned what the people wanted and allowed gay marriage. Did you hear that? They OVERTURNED what the people voted for. Why vote if a handful can then say in effect, "you people don't know what you really want so we change it"? So California had to vote again, as crazy as that is, and again voted to define marriage as between one man and one woman. And, again the courts felt the need to take up the issue, but this time they decided that the people do know what they want and upheld the vote. Again, how ridiculous is it that they had to take the case but that's another discussion altogether. All day today on facebook I read about my friends and their friends railing against the decision to uphold what the people want and then equate that to what founding fathers had to say about freedom. Sadly my friends don't get it. The founding fathers recognized our freedom from God and set in motion the voting privileges we have today. They said that the people by vote should decide how they want to be governed and what laws should be in place, now those same people who enjoy that freedom argue when it doesn't go there way. And by the way non of my friends live in California so what's the beef anyway? Again, I'm trying to get past what the issue is (obviously I agree with the people of California, at least on this) and talk about the absurdity of courts deciding if the people know what they really want. Look I cannot take Obama to court because I don't like that he was elected. I cannot talk Bev Perdue to court because I didn't vote for her, and it is insane that some people can take the vote of the people to court simply because they don't like it. I say move to Maine if you want it so bad, or is your only recourse to complain? If you want an issue so bad move to where it is enacted, or are you not wanting inconvenience for your ideals? If the people of North Carolina outlawed my faith I would move in a heartbeat, and let those people have the state they want. Sorry but that's the country we live in. A group of independent states, and the freedom to vote and move how ever you choose. Glad that's done....have fun on facebook and by all means believe that what you do on there changes the world.

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