Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I've been hearing a lot lately about a trend I'm not sure is a good thing. I've heard people talk lately about how God will take us where we are and is all Loving and it's ok to mess up and none of us are perfect. Which I agree with, BUT. The problem is that we stop there and don't want better. A trend in the church right now is to love all and except all and we are falling short of helping people OUT of their sins. We want to say to the alcoholic, "God loves you and we don't condemn you" see them saved and we walk away to the next unsaved person, believing that the alcoholic is saved and it's all good. The truth in that God wants us broken (Psalm 51), He wants us to become a "new creation" (Col 3, 1 Cor 5), and He wants us to stop sinning (John 8). Now I am not insane enough to think that we stop sinning when we get saved but we need to stop using it as a excuse to continue in sin we enjoy, and as an excuse not to press the new Christian into stopping his or her actions. Now God is Love, but God also hates sin. He wants better for us. It is, in my opinion, immature to have the mindset that we need to love people and except them as they are and not expect better for them. Love wants the best for a person, and the best is not to continue in sin. The truth of the Bible is that God takes us as we are in whatever sin we are in, no matter how big it is, He loves us unconditionally, BUT wants us to stop sinning because it is the best for us. He does not expect that we will not ever sin and is willing and ready to forgive those sins, bu t we have to stop using that as a crutch to not want better, to not want to correct, and the not want to stop our enjoyable sins. I am be no means a legelist and understand fully my weaknesses but we are going down a scary and slippery road when we liberalize Christianity. The church for too long shut people out because of what they have done and we are correcting that, but we cannot do it at the expense of God's standards and justice. In 1 John John says that he wrote that letter so that we don't sin but adds "when you do". He wants us to stop sinning, but knows it's a tough task. Work at it!! It may never happen but not to try does not show evidence of a changed heart or a saved life (James). God excepts all and wants the best for all and that is to "go and sin not more".


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