Saturday, February 21, 2009

First Sunday at Crosswinds!!

Today was our first Sunday leading worship at Crosswinds Church, so here's the skinny on how God moved at church. Our song list was Friend of God, God of this City, Open Up the Skies, and Surrender. Just being boldly honest it was a little akward due to many factors, choosing not to use microphones, only having one guitar, and just worshipping with new people. Anytime you walk into a new group of worshipers it can take time to "feel" out how they worship God. Worship can take many forms and looks, therefore a learning curve is expected when standing in front of the group. However, over looking those man-made "issues" the day was fantastic. We saw people with a real desire to stand boldly for Christ honor Him through worship music today. We spent about 2 minutes in dead silence listening to God (an idea from the book Crazy Love), and I pray that God spoke as loudly to the others in the room as He did to me. As we go forward I think that Crossinds will be a great place of worship because of the heart of the people there and the desire for seeing God do miricles in the area. Worship goes far beyond the leader and the band and even the concept of music, though all are very important. Worship is the heart of The Church ministering The Word. I look forward to working with the people at Crosswinds in any capacity we all see fit. Again, all in all I had a great day of personal worship, and thoroughly enjoyed getting to see others worship to true Creator God, the Author of Worship, and the Savior Jesus Christ. Worship Him this week by telling others of His saving grace and enjoy watching Him pull them out of the path to hell. God's love is amazing!!! Devote (Acts 2:41-47) yourselves to Kingdom Worship!!!

PS-I have already heard that Life had a great worship atmosphere also, praise God!!


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  2. **That was me up there. I accidentely commented under my husband's account!**

    Hey Scott! I came across your blog through your Facebook page. It sounds like God is doing some crazy awesome things in your life right now ... glad to hear it!

  3. I didn't think it was awkward at ALL! but I wasn't paying attention to the things you have to.

    I was totally just in awe of being able to dwell with Him, in Him.... and I walked away totally changed.