Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Marriage and God

I heard a great message the other day by a TV preacher on TBN. I don't recall his name but he was Bishop somebody or another. He made a point that I had never heard before about the fall of Adam. Pastors have taught on the fall forever and usually focus on the fall of Eve and then Adam and relate it to pride, or selfishness, or wanting to be like God, or blaming the Devil, or somesuch thing. This guy spoke about Adam's fall and thus the fall of man to putting someone, namely his wife, before God. God told Adam not to eat of the fruit and then came Eve with the fruit. Adam, not wanting to disappoint, anger, or disrespect his wife took of the fruit and ate. Adam put his wife before God in his hierarchy of respect, and fell. I heard another pastor recently relate our marriage relationship to a pyramid, with God at the top and the man and wife on the other corners. As we grow closer to God we in turn grow closer together, but no matter God is always on top. And honestly with the shape of some pyramids if only one is growing closer to God while the other is falling away you will grow apart, so work together on your personal relationships with Christ. Ask eachother about your walk with God, pray together about your seperate relationship with the Holy Spirit, and boost eachother when needed if one is stumbling. So, what did we learn from all of this put together? Put God first. Put God before your spouse, your kids, your television, and your facebook. Adam put Eve first and fell. I do not want to fall further from God, I want more of Him so that I may have more of my wife, and I want my wife to have more of Him so that she can have more of me. God first, period. I need to figure out this guys name so I can watch him more.

PS-The spellcheck thing is not working so sorry for all the mistakes, I'll a spellcheck junky.

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