Monday, February 16, 2009

What this will be about

I never thought that I would be the type to blog but here I am writting my thoughts to put on the there you have it I'm a blogger. So be it.

I wanted to start this blog as a means of sharing my thoughts about worship in general but more to the point share about worship from Sunday services at whatever church God leads me to. I want to share songs we did, why we did them in some cases, and my thoughts about how the congregation worshipped the Creator God. You may or may not ever get anything out of this blog but I hope that you will, and that God will use this to help me reach people about His love, grace, and mercy.

So here goes with my first thoughts....scary.

I'm leading some songs this week at an awesome new church called Crosswinds Church ( . I've met with the Pastor (cool guy), and we have met the people of the church (super cool people), and this Sunday I have the incredible oppertunity to lead them in worship through music, and I'm struggling. Those of you who know me know that I am OCD about planning and I usually have a song list in seconds when I am asked to lead somewhere. But in this case I'm at a loss, granted is it only Monday, but still I feel like I should have it by now. Maybe it's because there is a possible leadership role there, maybe it's because I'm nervous about really stepping out into my call, maybe it's simply because it's new people and I don't know their likes and dislikes yet, or maybe it's because I have a crazy week of work this week and barely have time to think about food much less music. Who know's? But being OCD it kinda bothers me. I totally trust that God will give me music well in time, but learning patience is not what I had planned this week (I would put a smiley here but I hate them). On the up side one of my best friends is going to sing with me, and of course I will have my lovely wife with me, and most of all I simply get the honor of worshiping God this Sunday with new friends. As soon as God blesses me with a song list I'll figure out how I want to share it through blog. Until then worship the Lord your God with everything you have, and bring that passion to your church this weekend, remember worship is NOT about the team on stage but the church as a whole if you bring your worship to church you may very well be the worship leader that your pew neighbor needed.



  1. Scott - You are going to do great! You have a wonderful talent and a great love for the Lord, and I know that He will lead you. Our prayers are with you and this new church to succeed and reach out to the community. Lots of love!

    Mandy & Family

  2. u had nothing to worry about at all. God does what He does and all of us were just so thankful to sing & worship Him together. We had beeng missing that piece a lot...

    and now that the first Sunday and jitters are over - you still don't have anything to worry about. We believe in you but more than anything....we believe that you'll uplift Him and focus on Him and that's all I desire I know. We trust that you'll help guide us as a group to worship Him more and not solely try to worship FOR US... but desire FOR US TO WORSHIP HIM. I just came up with that and thought it was cool :) more than believing in u though - we believe in what God can do when people let Him do it and believe He can do it.