Thursday, April 2, 2009


I never thought I could be this tired and still be kicking. I've learned over the last month that the illusion of part-time ministry is folly, but I love it. I keep telling myself, "when we are in the building things will calm down". hahahaha. And I laugh. Anyway, I know this is not at all insightful, and doesn't really tie into anything else I have written, and maybe this sounds more like a diary entry, but well I'm tired.

On a side note; we had an awesome time of prayer last night after worship team rehearsal (which was awesome by the by) for the leaders of the town of Belville. We are having some issues with them about our new building, but more to the point we want to see them all saved if they are not, and we want them to rule in a godly manner irregardless how that effects us. We want and pray for acceptance of God's will and not souly our personal needs, though we do ask for those also. Town of Belville we stand with you, and we pray for you!!


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  1. praying for ur rest & strength. I know He will provide it for you. take time to just "be" w/ Him & sit at His feet. Isaiah 40:29; Psalm 23.