Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Veil Has Been Torn!!

Mark 15: 38, "The curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom."

As I have been preparing for my first Easter as a staff worship leader I have been wrecked by this one little verse in Mark. I have been a Christian since I was 9, I have been active in church for 20 years, I have lead worship for 9 years, and I have been through Liberty University so I at times get lost in being saved because I have been for so long. Christians have a problem with forgetting their past at times and I am one of those. So this Easter, being secure in my salvation, this verse has killed me. In Old Testament times the veil was used to seal off God from people, and only those deemed perfect enough could go past the veil to visit with God, and with Jesus God got sick of that system!! At the moment of Jesus' last breathe the veil tore, making way for all of us imperfect folks to come to His alter and just be with Him, face to Face one on One. It doesn't matter if you are a prostitute, adulterer, drug dealer, murderer, or just one who has a small gambling problem, you are welcome in His presence and salvation can be yours. Now, He will change you and doesn't want you to remain in you sin, but you are welcome to His as you are. The veil has been torn. What an awesome thought! When you go to church these weekend, whether it's to lead others or simply to punch in your yearly Christian time card I hope you feel welcome because you are. Have a great Easter and go beyond the veil.

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  1. awesome one Scott!! I truly am so thankful & excited you've been dwelling on this this week.

    I think & write about this verse & this gospel message of the curtain (veil) being torn a lot as well. You totally got it... YES!! *He* changes us and He will when we allow Him by continuing to repent & step toward Him and His grace... I think so few are changed... because so few run toward Him... because so few "get" & trust in His grace. So as christians we need to be constantly preaching & proclaiming that beautiful grace to bring others toward Him into His arms, beyond the curtain!!! So powerful! :) Thanks for helping start my day so wonderfully... powerful stuff! :)