Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend in Review

Ok, so obviously this weekend was Easter and it was exhausting in the best of ways. Here is a rundown.
-Friday-the day Jesus was beaten and murdered for my sins. We shopped for a stove, and I worked on Easter music.

-Saturday-the day Jesus was busy defeating sin and death. We went to Scott's Hill Baptist Church for an awesome Easter celebration for the kids. I was the parent who made my daughter cry by rushing to what I thought was a special silver egg, when all she wanted was the one with flowers on it...father of the year. Long story short we got both eggs!! Later we had an egg hunt for all who live on our street and their families. It was an awesome time to meet new friends, and Jesse and my wife did a great job putting it together. That night we ate at Port City Chop House, and I woke up with the same tummy ache I would have had with McDonalds...I'm just sayin'.

-Sunday-the day Jesus rolled away the stone!! We got up at 4:30am to get ready for a sunrise service on the beach. It was an amazing time! First off we got to see our old friends from Life who were doing a service right beside us. We got to play 5 songs as the sun came up over our shoulders. It was awesome watching the Easter morning sun come up just as the women and disciples did on the first Easter morning. Later we had two great services at Crosswinds. The first one had low attendance but was still a great service. The second was standing room only!! People really celebrated victory in salvation!! After that we went and had some family time at my sisters house. She's a great host!! And one more Easter egg hunt. Last night I went to bed too late, but exhaustion from Easter celebration is an awesome feeling!!



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