Sunday, March 8, 2009

Best weekend in my brief worship ministry career

Often in church life you get discouraged or even mad, today was the opposite for once. I have been in two miserable church adventures in my life but over the last year things have changed. Rebecca and I got hooked up in Life Community Church and it has refreshed our faith and our confidence in church...and today we officially left that church. We have been at Life for the last year and through Life I got connected with my new church home and job of Crosswinds Church. Skipping many details I lead worship every other Sunday at Life but felt God tugging me into another direction, though I didn't know where, until I met Chris Vernon and The Crosswinds Church team. Two weeks ago I took a job at Crosswinds which meant I had to leave Life, and the word of the week has been bittersweet. Long story short (maybe I'll blog about the whole story one day), today Chris' family and my family went to Life for prayer and jetted over to our church for service. It was a rush getting up early for prayer and the excitement of what is happening through Crosswinds in Leland. The prayer was amazing and they were generous enough to help us out financially, and our service was AWESOME. I say awesome not due to what Chris or I did, but what God did through the people. Today I saw the people of Crosswinds have one of those "break though" moments in worship and it sent chills up my arms and legs. We played "Forever", "Mighty to Save", and "The Stand". We didn't have words on the screen for most of "Forever" but God moved. "Mighty to Save" was new to me, as far as leading it is concerned, but God moved. And "The Stand" what to say but God moved and moved hard. Raising hands is not a necessity for true worship but it is an indicator to the worship team that people are worshipping and being moved by God. Chris' message was on point and has caused me to seriously consider how I am spending my time, I thank him for challenging me! We replayed "The Stand" at the end of service and we could hear the church sing in one voice, "All I am is Yours", giving themselves to Kingdom goals. I for one am a leader who loves to hear the congregation sing, and though it may seem redundant for me to keep saying, "just our voices" I will continue to do so every Sunday because of my love to hear God's people sing from the "pews". More along the business aspect of church we, for a small church, are going to be blessed by the worship team that God is forming. To date we have: two drummers, a bass player, two guitarist, two keyboardists, five singers, myself, and two of the singers are willing to lead songs here and there. All this from a church that right now averages 30-40 adults. My friends God is moving. I decided that I want the band members to always remind each other of this phrase on Sunday mornings "get over yourself". I took this from the book Crazy Love, and I hope it sticks. Those three little words wrap up my philosophy of worship ministry, get over yourself and let God move. He uses us, we do not use Him in corporate worship. We need to be moved out of the way and allow God to intervene in our hearts, minds, and souls as we lead others to the Throne Room. Anyway, great, awesome, amazing, uplifting, overflowing, powerful, and refreshing to my faith Sunday. I love Sundays, worship everyday as if it were Sunday.

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  1. amen amen amen to all of that. Love it. love what God is doing. and please don't stop 'just your voices'. PLEASE. ever. :)

    Thanks for allowing God to use you and for focusing on HIM! not yourself! THANK YOU!