Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend in Review

So, this was my first Sunday as an official staff worship leader (I'm not using the term Pastor until I get ordained out of respect to those who are), and it was awesome!! Working with Chris and the whole Crosswinds team has been a great experiance that I hope and pray will grow into a lifelong partnership in ministry. Today we had a great crowd!! When you have to set up more chairs and it is raining an cold...God is moving in Leland, period. I've been in church work for a long time and it's sad to say that most rainy Sunday's are down Sunday's, but not today. The message God gave Chris was amazing and inspiring. I'm ready to live dangerously for Christ!!

We had a new singer...well new to me, Paul who did a great job, and can expect to be leaned on for all future Sunday's. We played Hosanna, Blessed Be Your Name, Better is One Day, and God of This City. Set-wise it was a standard set for one guitar and singers. The passion for praising God was evendent in the people if the church. We have a ton of work to do in the next few weeks as we continue to prepare for Launch Sunday, but the people who have already shown interrest in playing on the team are fantastic. Though we have so many talented people if I use them all who will be in the seats? What a great problem to have. We already have a full band and 6 plus singers, which is the perfect band in my eyes. I'm looking forward to living in a dangerous way with you all....prepare now for the explotion that God is going to bring into our little corner of Leland, and prepare to take that to the World...that's right the World!!

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