Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Watching yourself even when you don't know you should

At 5:30 this morning I played with the quiz things on Facebook that everyone seems to be doing and got bit. I did the one about Superheros, Disney, 80's movies and so on, but then I saw one asking the question "are you insane"? I thought that's odd so I did the 5 weirdo questions. Not being very technical I didn't know that all of the quizzes get posted on my profile and the "insane" one was very nasty, and not at all appropriate for anyone, not just those employed by a great church. To anyone who saw it I am so utterly sorry that something like that was on my page all day, and please know that I was unaware until my great friend and Pastor brought it to my attention. I have been sick over it for the last hour since I saw it and I hope that talking about it will be calming. Please forgive me if it offended you (and it should have), and please understand it was a mistake of ignorance about Facebook protocol. Forgive me!!

Ok, other than that we started our first weekly prayer meeting before work and it was awesome. I found lots of great scripture about green grass for my fellow Christians in the lawn care line of work!!

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  1. I never look at those quiz things.. so no offense here. have a good rest of ur week and see you Saturday! :) Look forward to more time with you and rebecca (rebekah?) eventually to get to know you all, hear "your story" and to truly connect.