Monday, March 16, 2009

The Mundane and The Zoo

Rebecca and I took the kids to the South Carolina Zoo this weekend and God used it to spur me on. First I must say that the Zoo had great facilities and you could tell that the animals were well taken care don't call PETA!! However, they are still wild animals and you could tell that they were bored in their cages. I say cages but they were in huge habitats that mimicked the natural area where they live. No matter how big and nice the areas were, though, they are not the open wild and caused these animals to show signs of boredom. All the animals had tracks worn where they paced back and forth over and over. We watched a Lion walk in and out of his cave for 10 minutes, and watched a monkey just stare at the back door of his cage and not move. God spoke to me in this!! I thought about this new job at Crosswinds Church, and I thought about our Pastor Chris, and I don't want us to get bored "doing church". As a staff member you can get so wrapped up in the work of church that you can miss out on the Holy Spirit's activity in the same church. I've seen men get lost and go through the motions on Sunday mornings and it's sad, and more importantly it leads to an apathetic congregation unmotivated to save the lost. They are trapped in the mundane like the animals in the zoo. I say this to anyone who reads this to ask for your help!! If you ever since that Chris or myself are simply going through the motions during any church event call us on it! Hebrews 10:24 says, "And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deed". The Bible asks us to irritate each other in Christ! If you ever see me singing a song just to get it done, or look bored during worship...spur me on. It will happen, let's not fool anyone, so spur me on. If I ever look like a caged wild animal in church, spur me on. If I don't act like an animal in the wild, spur me on. Bottom line, spur me on, and I will spur you!!

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