Thursday, March 5, 2009

Meeting of the minds??

I had a thought a long time ago about starting a small group once a month for anyone in the area who is in the same line of work as me (Lawn Care, Green Industry), but it has not materialized yet. Shame on me for that! But, I was thinking and planning, and talking to people about it recently and thought about my new job as Worship Leader and wondered if there was anything like that for all of us? I've never heard of it but what a great idea (if I can be so bold) of having all the area Worship leaders/Pastors to meet once a month for a Bible study, hang out, networking session, anything but music (check your egos at the door) time for all of us. Does that sound to anyone else like a good idea? I urge you, in spite of my non-action, to consider starting a monthly Bible study for everyone in your profession. I am going to work on starting one for all lawn care workers, and for Worship leaders. I think it would be awesome for Christians in similar jobs to come together to pray for our businesses or churchs not as competitors but as brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray for me that I and others who get involved can make something like this happen. This post is to allow you info to keep me accountable next time you see me ask me how the Bible studies for Lawn Care Workers and Worship Leaders are going. Any ideas about names for the groups would be much appreciated Green Pasteur's (that looks spelled wrong but spell check said it was right....hmmm) for the Lawn Care one and "Get over yourself" for the Worship leader one.

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  1. yeap that's awesome.

    I like where you put being unified in Christ. Brother/sister. not competing. THAT is how the world will be able to recognize The Body. I'm passionate to see that unification in The Body for real that Jesus prayed for.

    romans 15:5
    John 17:20-23
    Ephes 2:22